In skiing and other snow sports, traverse means a controlled passage from one side of the slope to the other. At Traverse Capital Management, we apply this concept to our governing philosophies in working with our clients. Becoming financially independent is a journey, and our clients have important goals around retirement and other areas. Our job is to be your guide on that voyage, to help make it a smooth and productive experience.

We like to work a bit differently from many other financial firms. Although we are happy to discuss our background and answer any questions you have, we most enjoy hearing about your successes and how you’ve gotten to the current point in your financial life. Once working with us, we aim for our clients to emphatically agree with the following statements:

  • I have a clear vision around retirement or other goals, and a specific, quantitative plan to get me there.
  • I recently analyzed, in writing, my progress toward that vision and my probability of success.
  • I communicate with my financial professional often enough. It feels that my advisor is not doing things ‘for’ me, but rather ‘with’ me.

Menu Of Services

Premium Interactive Financial Planning

Advanced modeling for cash flow, retirement, education, tax, estate, and other goals

Working together to quantify and input your critical data

Comprehensive, printed reports for all topics at initial plan delivery

Web portal and mobile app for 24/7 access

Ability to input data and run scenarios on your schedule

Track all your accounts, both at our firm and outside, in one convenient place

View daily real-time progress toward your financial vision

Ongoing reviews and updates

Discounted rates on our Investment Management services

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Standalone Investment Management

Complimentary analysis of current accounts and basic projection toward goals

Custom portfolio design

Institutional-level access to top-tier investment firms

Web portal and mobile app for 24/7 viewing of your accounts

Ongoing rebalancing, management, and reviews

No commissions, ticket charges, or trading costs*

*Certain specialized investment products may not be compatible with an advisory fee arrangement. If recommended and accepted, these products will have their own unique fee structure described at the time of proposal.

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